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Halloween Birthday Party - DIY

Halloween Birthday Party table decoration for a little girl

Do you love Halloween? I do. I think it is so much fun, the kids dress up and have sweet things, I know sometimes it is too much but it is only once a year, right? 

I feel in Australia every year it is getting bigger and bigger not like the USA though. So my girls always see all these amazing parties and decorations on the internet and movies that’s why Daniella -my youngest girl- asked for a Halloween party for her 3rd birthday party, she was very specific about what she wanted as I shared on instagram, check my original post at @beverlyic 🎃to have a laugh🙈

Also it was a really hot day so we included aquatic games and an inflatable pool play center - water slide. They kids absolutely loved this.

The Party

I didn’t really want to make things too complicated or too spend too much money so I bought all the discounted halloween decorations at the supermarket. 

I didn’t buy any candy, oh well I did but only the party mix to put them in the jelly. The rest were sweet treats made at home.

 halloween home made sweet treats in a table

The Cake 

Ok, I have this idea of making myself an amazing cake but seriously I didn’t have the time and I didn’t know where to start anyway 😂 Oh well, so I decided to buy a chocolate cake and decorate it with a “spider web” on top. 

To achieve this I used whipped cream but it was a big mistake, the thing melted immediately so it looked very creepy at the end of the party 😂 you can avoid this by using marshmallows, just melt them in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds and then use a fork to expand them on the cake.
Chocolate cake decorated with spider web on top

The Food

For savory we shared sandwiches that my mother in law kindly made. 
savory finger food in a halloween birthday party table

My husband made a cheese board 👇🏼
cheese board option for a party orange theme

And I made a few mummies with pastry and hotdogs. These were so easy to make:
  • Cut some pastry strips
  • Put them around the hotdogs living a bigger space on the top
  • Bake them for 8 or 10 minutes
  • And use mustard to make the eyes.
Let me tell you the kids loved them. They were a hit, so mama do them.
hotdog mummies with pastry strips for little girls party


I didn’t really want to buy lollies, my kids don’t eat them much so I preferred to do a few sweet things instead: different kinds of slices, jellies with party mix and oreo on top and bones merengues. 
homemade treats options for a halloween party


My mother-in-law low always helps us, she kindly made a mix of different yummy slices: honey and rice bubble slice, chocolate slices 👇🏼
chocolate and rice bubble slice for kids birthday party

And licorice orange ones, these last ones were a hit with the adults especially👇🏼
licore orange slices in a halloween theme party


I tried to make bones and ghosts merengues 😱I said “I tried” because they didn't quite get the forms I was expecting (in pictures: they are in the brown board next to the little cupcakes) 👇🏼
Bones and ghost merengues treats

They were so easy to make though’ and the best part the kids love them so much even though they were a little bit sticky and with a weird form 💩

  • Just put 4 egg whites (att room temperature) on the mixer
  • Add custard sugar (220g) little bit little, whisking well between addition until you have a homogenous mixture
  • Add vanilla essence (1/2 spoon)
  • On non-stick baking paper make the forms you want and pop them in the oven (preheat oven to 120°C)

Jellies & Karlotas

I also made my specialty “Karlotas” and jellies. Every party I make karlotas, they are super easy to customize, you can pick any colour and the kids love them. 

Karlotas are basically jelly with milk, you just blend them together and put them in the fridge like you will jelly, but the trick is to blend them when the jelly is cold and with cold milk.
colorful karlotas for a birthday theme party

For this party I decorate them with oreos to simulate dirt and put halloween party mix lollies on top, like feet, worms, and bones.
scary halloween jellys

For the jellies instead of oreos I used whipped cream and because the jelly was cold it kept the cream really well not like the cake disaster 😂
jellies with oreo biskets, party mix and whipped cream on top for halloween party

Deco details

For the table I pretty much put different Halloween toys randomly around the table, with 2 candelabras next to the cake. 

For the bottom part I used a tutu dress table and on top a cotton spider web with some plastic spiders around.
spider web table decorations

And I put all the toys I didn’t know where to put them on the floor next to the letter box 😂 our bad grass really helped to create that creepy look 🙈


I literally organised different games but the kids didn’t really want to do them as they were waiting for the moment to jump on the inflatable pool play center we put on the other side of the garden. 

But we played the inflatable limbo I got from Kmart and the kids enjoyed it.
Kids playing with a inflatable limbo from kmart Australia

Aquatic Games

Then it was time to have fun with water. We had a pool party place center set up (water slide) in the back yard with a Rainbow Inflatable Sprinkler.

The kids love them both but definitely the water slide was the winner.

Water Slide

The water slide had a shower fountain on top and a water blaster at the end of the slide. The kids love this last feature.
kids having fun with water slide from target australia in a birthday party

Inflatable ball sprinkle

We also had an inflatable ball sprinkle, so after they finish on the slide they had more fun walking back to climb again.
little girl having fun with ball sprinkle

Halloween Birthday Party: Done ✔️
Well that was Daniella's small Halloween birthday party, my daughter had so much fun so her friends. I think it wasn’t that tedious and not that expensive either, except for the inflatable games but we know we will use them a lot of times during the summer so it kind of balance the initial investment somehow.

What do you think? Did you get any ideas or suggestions? let me know in the comments below 👇🏼