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Mermaid Birthday Party - DIY

mermaid birthday party dyi

Do you have a mermaid in your life? My daughter Daniella for her second birthday asked for a Mermaid Party, ok not quite 🤣 pretty much her sister Beverly decided for her. Anyway I made it happen and I have to say it was a very savvy decoration. My girls were so happy with the set up and I loved it too. In this post I share what I used in case you are looking for some ideas.

As I shared today on my instagram (@beverlyic) my youngest daughter Daniella said to me “Mami, I am a big girl now not a baby anymore” Seriously she was right, I looked at her and my heart sank for a little bit. It was those moments of happiness and sadness all mums have when we realise our babies are growing way too fast. 

Thanks to this, I decided to make an album for her and I found these photos of her Mermaid Party from her second birthday that I never shared with you, so here we go, just a quick little mermaid party decoration that I liked at very low cost. 

mermaid cake

We had so much fun doing these photos before she smashed the cake, I have to say it’s so cute seeing your kids innocent shine, she was running around wearing her mermaid costume yelling “I am a mermaid, I am a mermaid” it was so cute indeed. 

mermaid costume australia

mermaid twins

As you can see Beverly, eldest sister, was at the stage that she also wanted everything lil’sis had, so seriously to avoid more hassle I let her be part of Daniella’s birthday and she also wore a mermaid costume too.

Birthday presents! ❤️

Party Decoration details: 

All styling and concept by me @beverlyic
Etsy - cake topper
Kmart - backdrop
lovecrushcrowns- crown
kmart - balloons
Spotlight - bunting
Woolies - cake

all photography by me ❤️


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Kalyan Panja said...

Your baby looks so cute. Thanks for sharing your fun moments.