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Our Mummy and Me Matching Outfits

Mummy and me outfits australia

Having the opportunity to create memories with my girls is priceless. Yes some people will say it is only a mini me look or a twinning with mummy post, tripling actually 🤗 but for me, it is more than that, every post of my mummy and me looks have a story behind them.
You can’t imagine how difficult it is taking pictures with a one-year-old and a 4-year-old. They cry, they run away, they move just when you are about to take the perfect picture. Sounds familiar? I know right.

Every photo is a challenge, sometimes three of us are all dressed and ready, so we put my little one in her car seat or in the pram and before I can even get the camera ready she falls asleep or my eldest daughter is on the floor on her knees playing with dirt, or even worse, one has pulled the other one’s hair or grab other one's toy as a result they start fighting and crying, and you know what? All this is captured on camera. Yep, for every photo I publish I have at least 50 photos or more from the session of them crying, fighting, laughing, kissing, hugging during the same 5 minutes 😅

Saying that, I wouldn’t have it any other way, looking at all the photos we have done in one year is amazing. Seeing how they have changed in one year is just unbelievable but also our Twinning Looks has helped me to appear in the photos. I am the one who takes most of the photos so most of the time when we travel or in family reunions I am that busy trying to get everybody in the photo that I forget to get in the photo, so for me this is the perfect opportunity to record these memories until they tell me Mami I don’t want to dress like you 😉

And because lately, I was sharing all these Mini-Me Looks on Instagram I decided to share a summary of my favorite ones in this post.

Enjoy xo

Christmas 2016

Mummy and me outfits


twinning with mummummy and daughter red shoes


mini me looks australia


twinning with my daughters


Gladiators mum and bub


Mini Me outift
mellissa shoes mama daughter




australian mini me trend




mini me trend in australia

Christmas 2017

Sporty outfits as well

same shoes mum daughter duo

Hope you enjoy all of them as much as I do. And I do encourage you to do your own version of Mummy and Me Look. You will have fun, that’s for sure.

Please, share with me in your comment which one you like the most and which style you would like to continue seeing in our posts.

Thank you.


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