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One dress is all you need


Looking for a new dress during your pregnancy but are unsure whether you are going to wear it later on? I know right, building a wardrobe during pregnancy can be overwhelming. I remember the first time I went shopping during my first pregnancy I made two big mistakes. The first one was buying a bigger size, thinking I was going to get really big (I was only 12 weeks at that time) and the second one was buying a dress that I wasn’t going to be able to wear after my bump was gone. 

So here are my two main tips for you:

  1. Buy the same size you were before pregnancy. Maternity brands have already taken, into consideration, all the changes you body will face and where you will grow, so don't panic they have got you covered. 
  2. Buy a versatile dress you can wear during and after pregnancy. And not only breastfeeding friendly but a timeless design as well. And this is exactly what I am going to show you in this post. 

As many of you have been seeing on my Instagram (@beverlyic) I am a fan of Milk and Love. The owner, Corryn, has an great eye when it comes to picking the best options for us, no matter what stage of Motherhood we are in, at, we can always find a practical and fashionable piece of clothing perfect for us. 

And this is why I have teamed up with them to show you this pretty, versatile and timeless dress in action. Whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or a working mama or just want something comfy to play with the kiddos at the park, this dress will never let you down. 

During Pregnancy

I love how flattering this dress is. The wrap styling on the bust makes it so cool for bumps. You can wear this dress for any occasion, formal or casual events, you just need the right accessories and voila!. 

And because I couldn’t help myself ☺️ I had to do a Mummy and Me session with my girls. They are my best partners in crime.


Yes, yes, I know you are asking yourself when did my bump grow? haha This was only for illustration purposes, I needed to find the way to show you how gorgeous your bump will look with this dress. The funny thing is my eldest daughter was in shock when she saw my bump haha she said “Mami, are you pregnant again???”…. but the worst part was when I was dressing and my husband entered to the room and he said “ohh wow you suddenly ate too much or something made you look bloated” so he thought I had put on weight 😧

While Nursing

Breastfeeding is just part of my life, since my first daughter was born I haven’t stop breastfeeding. So if I am going to buy nursing clothes I always check two things. The first one is the quality of the fabric, it has to be fresh and soft; and the second one is easy access and some coverage. Easy access because I am nursing a toddler and if it takes longer than normal to get her milk, Geezz, tantrums “aka screams” won't wait; and some coverage for the same reason she is a toddler she gets distracted and most of the time my breast is hanging all by herself when she decides to have a quick look around all of a sudden 🙈

As you can see in the photos the easy neckline access makes nursing easier, by pulling down the neckline to access the openings in the lining underneath to feed with discretion. 

And their Bio-based fabric makes it so soft and fresh. The day these photos were taken, it was 30 degrees, I was be able to nurse my girl without feeling suffocated at all. Saying that on the day we did the matching outfits photos with my girls (above), it was raining and a little bit cold but this fabric didn't let me down, kept me warm. 

Beyond Motherhood

Believe me mama, this dress is an any season, any occasion number that you’ll pull out of your closet again and again. Flattering on nearly every body type. Wear it to a parents meeting, coffee dates or even a wedding, just pick the right accessories and you are all set. 

And for those days at the park or running after our unstoppable kids, this dress is still a great option. Just pair them with your favorite sneakers or flats and you are ready to rock. You cant even tell it is a pregnancy dress as well.

Which style is your favorite?

Hope you enjoy these ideas, you can get this dress by clicking here. And if you want to see more check out for more models available, keep an eye on their Instagram or facebook page because their summer collection is coming very soon with heaps of lovely, affordable, fashion models. 


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