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Floral First Birthday Party

floral first birthday party

Finally, I have the time to share with you Daniella’s first birthday party. I know a few months have already passed but really life with two kids gets busy …anyway this birthday party was really different. Everything we planned, didn’t happen. 

Yes, everything was a mess, I mean we had a nice time together with our friends and family, kids ran and laughed…. in the end, this is what is all about, right?

However, in terms of party organization whatever we planned went wrong, absolutely everything. I remembered my husband and I were just laughing at the end, we couldn't believe everything went wrong. Anyway, below I have shared with you all the details.

Her outfit

Literally, this was the most bitter drink of all, you know how I like clothes, it is my business. I had dreamed of the ideal princess dress for her. Long ago I had seen a brand on the internet that makes lovely dresses and said that is the dress she will wear. 
So I bought it months in advance. When I received it, I opened the box, checked the model and the size, everything was perfect, however, my mistake was not removing the dress completely from its packaging, it was too beautiful that I did not want to be ruined, so I put it aside for months and I only took it out the night before the party, to my surprise the dress was not the correct size (size 1 was probably a size 6). I wanted to die. There was no way I could change it, that dress came from the USA and living in a small town, there was no possibility of buying a new one. Luckily she had a red dress that saved the day. She was the girl in red haha she wore a total red look

Evaluating the situation, that red dress was perfect for the park, because the one I bought was a salon dress because originally the party was going to be held in a ballroom. 

The crown, I did it myself. I had trouble sticking the roses on so I tied them on instead haha as you can see not body could even tell.

The venue

We decided to plan the party several months in advance, we knew we probably wouldn't have help organising it, so pretty much we were going to do this alone. So we choose the date, the venue, the theme, the cake, etc.

However 2 weeks before the party, we changed the venue.

We decided to do it in the park next to the river, a beautiful place close to where we live. But when we arrived another family was already using the spot we wanted. It was a little disappointing because we had everything in mind for that particular spot. We had no choice, we used the second pergola at the park, which was bigger and not in the best condition. Anyway, we moved on and started setting everything up.

Party Theme:

The theme party, really it wasn't one at all haha I just decided to use white and red flowers. They are my favorite colours lol as you can see. She was too little to pick a theme .. I took advantage of it!

Balloon wall

If you are a fan of Saint Pinterest like me, you will see a lot of beautiful balloon walls haha mine was not even close to that, anyway, we were so lucky that my brother-in-law and other 2 friends were there to help us to finish it. They blow out 360 balloons in less than 1 hour, I know right!!! just crazy, they tasted all the latex they could ever imagine haha.

Dessert Table Decoration

I had decided to just decorate it with flowers, cake, and desserts, but guess what? All the desserts I prepared a day before (well until 3 am) during the transport, fell onto the floor of the car, yes, absolutely all of the desserts were lost. Fortunately, I was able to rescue the cupcakes. 
We had two yummy pavlovas that a family friend prepared and the cake of course because it was in another car.

The cupcakes were red velvet, very tasty... the guests complimented me on these, haha and they were from Coles shhh...

For the details on the table I used letters blocks of her initials I personalized them myself.

Tutu Table Skirts

I had seen them online so much that I wanted them. I searched online and prices ranged between 100 and 250 dollars plus shipping; I found it very expensive, a friend encouraged me to make them myself buying the material, I even found a DIY tutorial. At the end, I found an Asian website where I got them from for the third of the initial price. I bought them 3 months before the party and arrived within 15 days of purchase. The only problem was the installation, I didn't know how to put them on the table, I used pins but as the tutus were heavy they fell down in some parts and looked awful. After the party, I realized that they had velcro backing on lol I know silly me. 

The cake

The cake was going to be white with red flowers.... but when I got the cake I looked at it and said to myself, oh no! I did not ask for this, haha but to be honest it was the perfect pop of colour that the table needed.  As people say, things happen for a reason. 
The cake was really nice and everybody enjoyed it. Thank your Nana for preparing it. She is the official family pastry maker.

We used a cake topper with her name and natural flowers to decorate it.
birthday cake


Do you remember Beverly's first-year chalkboard? Well, we wanted to do the same for Daniella. My husband wanted to do it himself (the night before) but of course, it didn't work haha so at the end we stuck a photo and used it as a chalkboard sign where all the guests left nice messages for Daniella.  


Well, things sometimes don't work out as you want them but we can't let them damage beautiful moments like this. 
We had a beautiful afternoon with our closest friends and family, here some photos with guests on arrival. 


Oh yes, there is no party without a piñata.  I had no idea what to buy for a piñata, but I found this watermelon from Kmart and I loved it.  The little ones loved it, too.
piñata time

Lolly Bags

From the beginning, I knew that I wasn't going to put lollies on the table. My idea was to have desserts and fruits on the table for the children to eat after lunch. So, the lolly bags were going to contain all the sweets (candies, chocolates, cookies, etc.) and every parent at home would decide if their child ate it or not, yep not my business. 

I bought wooden heart pegs and I wrote on them thank you/gracias.

Silver dot bags for boys.

And golden dot bags for girls.

Family that party together stay together

And so we finished us four: smiling and learning that at the end what matters is that we were together.

Thank you, everyone, who helped us to celebrate Daniella's first birthday. We love you all.

And if you are looking for an easy, cheap and cute way to keep forever your baby's first birthday milestones, check this first birthday keepsake out, here.


Balloon wall grid / Cake Topper / Cake Candle / Heart pegs / Tutu Table Skirts / Watermelon Piñata / DYI Letter Blocks / N1 Block / Daniella's Red Shoes / Daniella's Red Dress / Beverly's Dress / Photos

floral birthday party theme

I hope you enjoyed this real life experience. Did something similar happen to you? 




Unknown said...

This is such a beautiful birthday! You put so much detail into every decoration. Absolutely stunning!

Esperanza Scotto said...

Everything turned out beautifully, even if it wasn't exactly how you planned it! Such is life :) Your girls are adorable and you are beautiful :)

Winny L said...

I love the theming and the balloon wall. You can tell you put so much thought into planning this and it turned out beautifully.